Varsity Sweaters

MVP Awards continues the time-honored heritage of boatneck styled pullover varsity letter sweaters, and button-down cardigan letter sweaters.

  • Heirloom Quality
  • Made to exacting specifications.
  • School letters are available  in intarsia (knitted into), or sewn onto the sweater.
  • Shoulder striping is available as an option for both the cardigan and pullover sweaters.
  • Offered in 100% fine worsted wool and 100% fine cotton
  • Minimum quantities of 24-48 pcs. per design.
  • All school colors available.

Crewneck Style Wool Sweater with Intarsia (knitted in) "H"

Cardigan Style Wool Sweater with arm stripes and

Chenille "W" over the left pocket

Class Year Sweater

with Intarsia (knitted in) "2017"

The Tradition continues... We are the nations largest collegiate supplier of these heirloom items that were popular in the letter sweaters heyday of the 1950's. Our sweaters have a “soft-hand” and are made to exacting specifications. The school letters are an integral part of the sweater and they can either be knitted into, or sewn onto the sweater.  The attention to quality and craftsmanship is reminiscent of days long gone--just like the ones in granddad's closet. But after all, that’s what tradition is all about!

At Varsity Athletic Apparel, we recognize the importance of rewarding those individuals who strive to challenge the rigors  and spirit of competition. Their journey is not only a process, but a reward rich in character development and personal growth. At the finish line, we hope to provide your participants with that special award to celebrate their accomplishments.

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