The Varsity Lettermen Jacket

The varsity lettermen jacket is among the most traditional athletic award for a varsity letter winner. This jacket is designed for endurance and strength which are traits inherent to the athletes who earn them.

MVP Awards is an industry leader in producing varsity letter jackets to colleges nationwide.


We pride ourselves on creating the custom varsity jacket design that you imagined.


We combine this with great pricing and customer service.

Style 1045 - Set in sleeve jacket

w/ finished front

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 -Mark Zimmer-

 Arizona State University Athletics.

Style 1045 - Set in sleeve jacket

w/ finished front and back

Style 1065 - Set in sleeve jacket

w/shoulder inserts finished front and back


  • Jacket body is made from thick 24oz wool


  • Lined with either black 6oz quilt or a light-weight satin for warmer climates.


  • Sleeves are available in wool, vinyl and leather.


  • Cuff, Collar & Bottom Trim is made from spun nylon and available in several standard knit patterns. Custom patterns are not a problem.


  • Collars are available in several styles: stand-up knit, fold-over knit and a byron wool.

The Varsity Jacket

At MVP Awards, we recognize the importance of rewarding those individuals who strive to challenge the rigors and spirit of competition. Their journey is not only a process, but a reward rich in character development and personal growth. At the finish line, we hope to provide your participants with that special award to celebrate their accomplishments.

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